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We are a fast growing software product engineering company focused on helping clients create innovative products for the next generation. The capabilities, and 200 years of collective experience across 10 different domains bestows us with the expertise and knowledge capital, to achieve a competitive advantage in the product / software development marketplace.

Our Product Development strengths comprise:
 Team of certified professionals experienced in quality ensured solution implementation
 Comprehensive product development approach of designing, creating, and promoting products focused on the target market
 Solution driven planning on architectural, technological and user interaction strategies through rigorous product analysis leveraging our experience
 In-depth look at the AS-IS environment of software products
 Development methodology adhering to industry standards and best practices
 Continuous improvement on product features and delivery models

Requirements and Specifications:
We analyze software product requirements/specifications and document them in detailed manner. These requirements are then reviewed by client.
Prototype Development :
Prototype is very important for user intensive applications, and as a proof of concept for various other applications. Clients get a chance to provide feedback early in software development cycle, which can be incorporated in design and development phases.
Architecture & Product Design :
Our team designs and architects the software product, taking into consideration product engineering attributes such as reliability, scalability, and host-ability. We employ domain specific best practices.
Code Complete :
In a phased manner, coding is done by implementing some core components, and then developing other components. During this stage component unit testing is completed and it is ensured that each component is fully working.
Testing :
Quality Assurance team undertakes rigorous testing on Alpha and Beta versions of the product to fix all the functional, process related and technical bugs.
General Availability :
QA team approves the application, which has fixes for any and all bugs reported during User Acceptance Testing, and makes it available to the client for general use.
Customer Support and Feedback :
We work with clients to provide support to the end users. Based on the feedback provided both by the client and end users, we improve the functionality and develop enhancements.
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